jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Les débuts... Il y a 4 ans

Montage "à sec" de la maison, Holme Lodge de chez Emporium. 
J'ai été séduite par cette véranda que j'ai achetée en vue d'agrandir la maison...

2 commentaires:

  1. Hello, Anne! Not only do you have the winter garden of my dreams, but you also have the dollshouse for a while 'time I have identified as the most suitable to be transformed into Bethany Cottage, the cottage described in the novel Possession, which gave birth to my blog. Now, I have decided to build its own literary this reconstruction, using the Book of Léa, but not having any experience, maybe it's a gamble.

  2. Thanks a lot Blanche for your message!! Your blog is fantastic, a great discover for me! I love also very much the Silver Jubilee, It had inspire me when I decide to buy a house ... and then I have purchased The Dodge Holme.
    Best regards and see you soon


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